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It is the World Youth Skills Day!!


It is the World Youth Skills Day!! ?⛏? In Hong Kong, 53,400 young people were classified as NEETs in 2015, which was accounting for 6.7% of the youth population. ?? Therefore, lots of meaningful projects like CLAP for JC launched in recent years, which aims at unleashing the full potential of young people so as to facilitate the younger generation to achieve meaningful lives and aspire them to make positive contributions to society.  ??Let’s grasp the day to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship.

? Check out the details of the Day at https://www.un.org/en/observances/world-youth-skills-day.

? Reference:

Office of The Government Economist Financial Secretary’s Office. (2016). Characteristics of NEET in Hong Kong. Third Quarter Economic Report 2016. https://www.hkeconomy.gov.hk/en/pdf/box-16q3-5-1.pdf.


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