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Jockey Club MEL Institute Project Online Community of Practice Session (“MEL CoP”) Online Sharing Event Successfully Held!

The theme of the event was “The Effectiveness of Incorporating Gaming Elements in Adult Mental Health Education: A Comparison between Blended and Online Modes.” This theme is of great importance as public awareness of mental health issues continues to grow, especially among employees, caregivers, and young adults. In response, Hong Kong has gradually established online mental health platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, online mental health education has been proven as an effective early intervention measure in the field of lifestyle medicine, promoting protective factors for mental health.


During this sharing event, our MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) graduates had the opportunity to share the effectiveness of developing online services into a blended mode and discuss the integration of gaming elements to cultivate interest in mental health education and learning experiences. Furthermore, they explored how service innovation and project evaluation can be integrated as data-driven strategies for the development of online mental health platforms. Lastly, the speakers shared their learning outcomes and applications of MEL in their respective service areas.


We sincerely thank all participants for their support and participation, which contributed to the resounding success of this sharing event. We appreciate everyone’s attention to mental health education and look forward to exploring innovative approaches and exchanging knowledge with you.