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Jockey Club MEL Institute Project Opening Ceremony cum Symposium on Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Jockey Club MEL Institute Project Opening Ceremony
cum Symposium on Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment

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The Opening Ceremony cum Symposium will be held on 04 November 2022 (Friday)via Zoom Webinar. Details of the event are as follows: 

During Phase One (2019 – 2022), the Jockey Club MEL Institute Project (hereafter the MEL Project) has shown great effectiveness in promoting a MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning) framework in the social service sector and assisting local NGO practitioners in applying knowledge and skills in program evaluation to their daily practices through training, mentorship, and online learning. In the past three years, more than 250 participantsfrom over 100 local NGOs have benefited from the MEL ProjectAlso, over 1.19 million MEL website visits and 88,000 downloads of common and field-specific assessment tools and practical guides have been recorded.

With the success and effectiveness of Phase One, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust continues to support the MEL Project for Phase Two (2022 – 2025), which aims to further promote organizational-level MEL capacity by providing holistic training to local NGO practitioners. The training will cover important areas including ‘Service Development and Monitoring’, ‘Infrastructure and Talent Development for MEL Organizational Practice’, ‘Outcome and Impact Communication’ and ‘Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment’. With interrelated training, mentorship and online learning resources, participants will effectively transfer their acquired MEL knowledge and skills into practices within the organizations, thereby improving evaluation implementation capacity, increasing evaluation experiences and accomplishing services’ social impacts.

In this connection, the MEL Team would like to cordially invite you to join our Jockey Club MEL Institute Project Opening Ceremony cum Symposium on Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment. Prof. Alan Kam Leung Chan, Provost, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Mr. Bryan Wong, Head of Charities (Ageing and Elderly Care), The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust will officiate the Opening Ceremony. Our keynote speaker, Prof. Cinzia Canali, Director of Emanuela Zancan Foundation, Italy, will share the topic From “Childhood, First” to Multisite Projects for Fighting Educational Poverty.On the event day, overseas and local experts will deliver and share the concept and application of the MEL framework. Certificate Training Course and Mentored Practicum of the MEL Project will also be introduced.  


Keynote Speaker

Prof. Cinzia Canali
Director of Emanuela Zancan Foundation, Italy

Since 2018, Prof. Canali has been the director of the Emanuela Zancan Foundation, a Centre for Study and Social Research founded in 1964 and based in Padua, Italy (www.fondazionezancan.it). She started to work in this research centre in 1992 after graduating in Statistics at the University of Padua. She coordinates PersonaLab, a multicentre research programme involving Italian and foreign partners in evaluating the effectiveness of care processes (www.personalab.org) and the activities connected with the longitudinal study Crescere (Growing up). She also coordinates the group of researchers involved in the evaluation of the social impact of different projects, at local, regional and national level. Main efforts are also dedicated to the development of the “generative welfare” approach. She is Board member of the Italian Institute for Public Policy Analysis – INAPP. At international level she is one of the founding members of the International Association for Outcome-based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children’s Services [founded by the ‘Emanuela Zancan’ Foundation, Boston College and 28 experts from three continents (America, Europe, Australia)]. With the International Association, she has been working on the relationship between social work and child poverty (www.iaober.org).