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The depression of the elderly at the community level


The depression of the elderly at the community level ???


According to the statistics of the Institute of Mental Health of Castle Peak Hospital, there is 7% of the elderly suffering from depression, and the rate of suicide in elderly people is two to three times higher than the overall population. Check out the following indicator to see how to evaluate the effectiveness of pet engagement for older adults with depression. ??????

? Find out the indicator at https://bit.ly/3hzPOOn.

? Reference:

Institute of Mental Health, Castle Peak Hospital. (n.d.). Institute of Mental Health – Mental Health Info. Elderly Depression. https://www3.ha.org.hk/cph/imh/mhi/article_02_02_03.asp

Cheung, Chau-kiu, and Ping Kwong Kam. 2018. “Conditions for Pets to Prevent Depression in Older Adults.” Aging & Mental Health 22(12):1627-1633.


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