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Final Pitching Day: Result Announcement

Congratulations to all of our presenting teams for completing the final pitching and the Jockey Club MEL Institute Project! The presentations were very impressive, it was a tough decision for the adjudicators to choose the five best teams! The five outstanding teams are:

KidFIT: Motivating Kids to Exercise by Caring Others (Team 15 from 香港小童群益會 The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong)

The effectiveness of applying Horticultural therapy to SEN students (Team 10 from 播道兒童之家 Evangel Children’s Home, 協康會| Heep Hong Society, Hong Kong Character City Movement Ltd, Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, 鳳園蝴蝶保育區 Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, @ Environmental Association)

Applying Patient Engagement to enhance Health Confidence in Discharge Planning: A Pilot Project by HA Medical Social Worker in NTEC (Team 13 from 醫院管理局 Hospital Authority)

Effects of Intensive Interaction on the Social and Communication Behaviours of Service Users with Intellectual Disabilities (Team 1 from 扶康會)

Restraint-free Programme (Team 7 from Kwong Wah Hospital, 醫院管理局 Hospital Authority, The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business in Hong Kong, The Jockey Club Centre for Positive Aging)

Congratulations again to the winning teams and thank you so much for your participation!

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