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[Final Results Announcement] MEL Final Project Pitching Day 2020-2021

[MEL Final Project Pitching Day 2021]


“MEL Final Project Pitching Day 2021” was held virtually on 13 April with over 200 participants attended. 30 amazing teams shared their MEL journey and it was a very hard decision for our adjudicators to choose the 5 most outstanding teams, they are :

? Team 7 “Effectiveness of Community Outreach Programme on Medication Management (COPMM)”

? Team 16 “The Effectiveness of Parental Workshop for Enhancing Subdivided Flats Parents’ Eye Care Knowledge, Utilising and Sharing Community Resources for Eye Care Protection”

? Team 19 “Embracing Changes – Seeking New Engagement Way for Sheltered Workshop Trainees under the New Normal of COVID-19 through Online Sales”

? Team 23 “Employment Support and Training Service for Persons with Hearing Impairment”

? Team 25 “Geriatric Rejuvenation Project –A Personalised, Holistic and Integrative Rehabilitative Care for the Young Old to Avoid Pre-Mature Admission to the Elderly Home”

? Congratulations to all the winning and presenting teams, and we wish all graduates an inspiring and fruitful journey with the continuous adoption of MEL practices in the rest of their working careers. ?



More about the Jockey Club MEL Institute Project: https://jcmel.swk.cuhk.edu.hk

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