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The Scale of Schooling Motivation at individual level📝📚


The Scale of Schooling Motivation at individual level📝📚

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Education is always considered as one of the ways to improve people’s quality of life.  The rate of people aged 15 and over with post-secondary education level (Degree level) has increased 3.3% from 2014 to 2019. (Hong Kong in Figures, 2020) Nevertheless, it is still important to promote the school well-being. If you are working on a project to promote the relevant well-being and motivate schooling, you may make use of the measuring scale of schooling motivation at the individual level to understand more about your service users.🤩

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Hong Kong in Figures (2020). Retrieved from: https://www.statistics.gov.hk/pub/B10100062020AN20B0100.pdf

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