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Professor Xinping GUAN

Professor Xinping GUAN
Department of Social Work and Social Policy
Nankai University

Prof. GUAN is a professor at Department of Social Work & Social Policy, the Director of the Institute of Social Development and Administration, Nankai University; and the Co-Director of Nankai-CUHK Joint Research Center for Social Policy.

Prof. GUAN got PhD in economics and MA in sociology at Nankai University. His main academic areas are in social policy and social work. From 1990s, he has had researches in China’s social policy transition in the background of market transition and globalisation; comparative social policy, poverty and social assistance in urban and rural China, the institutional development of social work in China, etc. In recent years, he has focused more on social policy and social work services for rural migrant workers in urban China; social policy issues in the new economic and social transition in China, social policy and social work in the areas of elderly care, poverty issue and anti-poverty policies, and social policy for disability in China, etc. He has published the book “Urban Poverty in China” (1999), the textbook “Introduction to Social Policy” (2003, 2009, 2014), and nearly two hundred academic papers published in Chinese or international journals.

Prof GUAN is now the Vice President of China Association of Social Work Education, Vice Director of China Academic Association of Social Work, Vice Director of China Association of Social Security, and Vice Association of China Research Society for the Development of People with Disability.

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