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Professor Hung WONG

Professor Hung WONG
Associate Professor
Department of Social Work
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. WONG is an Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work, Associate Director of CUHK Institute of Health Equity, and Director of Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests include poverty, social security, and labour issues. He has also conducted research on marginal workers, unemployed youth, homeless people, and poor residents in old urban areas.  

Prof. WONG set up the Good Impact Assessment Institute (GIA) in 2018 with the support of CUHK’s Sustainable KT Project Fund. The company offers SIA, programme evaluation and research services, including face-to-face surveys, focus group discussions and case studies. It supports social enterprises and NGOs, which typically lack the expertise to systematically evaluate their impact, with affordable services that encourage their continuous development. Consultancy services are also available for governmental bodies and corporate clients for programme and policy evaluation. The company is promoting SIA as a universal language to objectively assess whether resources are appropriately allocated to produce the social impact as promised. The work of GIA was reported in the University Grant Committee (UGC) Annual Report 2019-2020 as one of the three impact cases of knowledge transfer. 

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